Dare to be.

Our purpose.

Change is freedom. The freedom to be whoever you want. Wherever you want. The confidence of celebrating first steps.

We believe the more we change, the more we become. We design gear for people with multidimensional, dynamic lives. High performance living systems that never stop evolving.

Everyday equipment with a complex purpose: to help you thrive.

Our spark.

A lot of consumer waste isn't a durability issue, it's a design problem. Too often, unused gear is well made and well designed — but with too specific a purpose. It just isn't able to change.

Born in New York and based around the world, Carry Cubo is a reflection on our own lives spent chasing eclectic hobbies. Nomadic moves. New chapters. We're driven by a desire to change. By embracing that, our gear is built to keep up for the long haul.

After years of work, our vision of technical gear is here, and still evolving. We've been thrilled to see where it's taken friends and testers, and hope to see where it might take you!

Gideon & Jory

Our approach.

Design, unlimited.

We question all limitations, and forgo traditional commercial constraints. Using high performance materials in uncommon places. Complex manufacturing processes not intended for our class of products. Freeing ourselves to a purpose-driven, design-first mindset.

Utility, comfort, lightness.

We design to maximize utility, comfort, and lightness. The conflicting nature of these principles often creates a hierarchy where only one is prioritized. We reject this, and require our process to generate a symbiosis of all three. Doing so, we marry form and function, with a futurist aesthetic.

Adaptive living systems

Bags are living systems. To be built to last, your gear must evolve with you. Every day, and over the long run.

Each CUBO product is conceived in this mindset. Open, multifunctional layouts. Interoperable modules. Easily adapting to any type of life or event. Designed to carry you to change – as fast as you always do.

High performance sustainability

As a new studio, we are committed to total transparency on our sustainability journey. For our initial collection we sourced custom recycled materials, and are working on carbon offsetting, and more. We recognize that this is just the start.

Along the way, we won’t greenwash. We commit to educate on the dirty secrets of the textile supply chain, even our own. We’ll highlight how far we (and the industry) have to go, and openly share our long term sustainability roadmap.