An ultra-organized everyday sling that packs effortlessly as an organizer in backpacks and suitcases.
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Here. There. Anywear.

Introducing ISHO-X5

ISHO-X5 is nonstop you. Swing it over your shoulder for a compact everyday sling. Pop it in a bag for a protective internal compartment. In or out, the unibody X-Wing divider adapts 12+ ways, for volume-efficient organization of you.


More than meets the eye.

ISHO-X5 fits 5.5L of internal volume into a compact silhouette. That's 80% more gear than other slings with similar external dimensions. How? Compressed padding. Minimal unused negative space. Dual door access. And a bold, cubic shape.

Compact proportions. ISHO-X5 leaves 70% of the LEV-24 main compartment open for additional gear.

Integrated side access. ISHO-X5's side door can be used in conjunction with LEV-24's side access feature.

For camera carry
For camera carry.
Gaming on the go.
Gaming on the go
Everyday essentials.
Everyday essentials.
And so much more.
And so much more.


Lightning quick access.

ISHO-X5 gets what you need, fast. Intended for kinematic access, it moves around your body with ease. Swinging from back to front in an instant, for chest-rig inspired access through the tear-away side door. Flipped on its front at the waist, for hawker tray style, on-body clamshell access.

Chest-rig inspired side access. For sequestered access to bulky objects via the side door.

Tray-style clamshell access. For wide-open access to the entire main compartment via the rear door.


Twelve in one.

The unibody X-Wing divider organizes more with less. Cleverly proportioned alongside the oversized rear-access door, so you can spend less time digging. With full height walls that sequester gear and minimize movement. One divider, two extenders, 12+ layouts.

Just pose, pack, and go.

The h (upside down)
X-Wing poses 12+ different ways.
The h (upside down)
The 'h' (upside down). Perfect for a mirrorless camera and spare lens, with space to spare for additional gear.
The H (capital).
The 'H' (capital). Put a compact mirrorless on the side. With 3-4 storage zones to spare.
The T (on the side).
The 'T' (on the side). Put a compact mirrorless on the side, plus two long storage zones.
The T minus.
The 'T-minus'. Put a compact mirrorless on the side, plus three storage zones.
The Reverse T.
The 'Reverse T'. Shortens the side door to more easily grab a compact mirrorless camera. Plus two large zones.
The Reverse T-minus.
The 'Reverse T-'. Shortens the side door. Plus three storage zones.
The Long +.
The 'Long +'. Shortens the side door. Plus a medium length zone, and two small zones.
The Minus-.
The 'Minus-'. Quick side door access for long objects. Plus two storage zones.
The Long Minus.
The 'Long minus'. Quick side door access for long objects. Plus one long storage zone.
The S.
The 'S'. Fits a mirrorless camera with standard zoom. Plus one extra large storage zone.
The Y.
The 'Y'. Fits a mirrorless camera with a stock lens, a telephoto lens, and a small prime.
The F (on the side).
The 'F' (on the side). Fits a mirrorless camera with telephoto, spare zoom, and a small prime.
The I (capital).
The 'I' (capital). Divide the compartment into two primary zones. Or flip the wing arms down for two small secondary zones.

Adjustable height side access. By default, the side door opens across the full height of the compartment, for access to bulky items. X-Wing can be used to limit open height be half, for longer, shorter items.

Full-height side access. For wide, bulky gear.

Half-height side access. For long, shallow objects.


Skimp on size.
Not on function.

External accessory carry straps

Integrated internal side access on LEV-24

Removable shoulder strap

Anti-fallout loop

9-pocket mini-workbench panel

Front access pocket


Compact form.
High capacity.

Volume 5.5L
Weight 0.45 kg (0.9 lbs)
Strap length 73-119cm (29-47 in)
Included in box: 1 x X-Wing Divider 2 x Divider extenders 1 x Removable Strap
ISHO-X5 Dimensions


High performance.
Outside, and in.

Our material choices prioritize performance and lightness, even where you can't see it. From a high tenacity, 100% recycled Nylon 6,6 exterior, with a weatherproof carbonate coating. To a diamond ripstop Nylon reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a high abrasion resistance material with a tensile strength 10x higher than steel. To durable YKK zippers and aluminum hardware.

RNHT 1000

Recycled high tenacity Nylon 6,6. Weatherproof carbonate coating. High abrasion resistance, water resistance, and durability.

UPND 200

UHMWPE reinforced, ripstop nylon with a diamond weave. High abrasion resistance, tear strength, and light weight. DWR coated for water resistance.

NYLO 200

A high durability Nylon loop fabric, weighing 200 g/m2. Made for use with Velcro and other hook type fasteners. Dyed with our signature CUBO blue for high visibility.

UPND 200

The added expense of UHMWPE fibers makes internal usage of these fabrics an uncommon choice. Adding structure, unparalleled internal durability, and weight savings.


The MPAC System

ISHO-X5 is the first Polyform product in the MPAC system. Designed for independent use. Just as easily deployed internally to augment the funcitonality of Main category packs. A system made to adapt to any type of life or event.


Just don't take our word for it.

At it's core, CUBO is built around change. Everyday equipment designed to help you thrive. We've been amazed to see how much our testers shared our vision of lightweight adaptability, and where it took them. We hope you will too!