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Z-Biner (4-Pack)

Fallout prevention. Anti-theft resistance. A universal connector for all MPAC packs.
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Click it. Hang it. Lock it.

Z-BINER is the lynchpin of the MPAC system. A dual-gated carabiner weighing just 2.35 grams. Precision manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum. Enabling complete system-wide interoperability.

Z-BINER clicks to connect any two MPAC system packs. Just as easily attached to O-Rings. With a flat hook perfectly sized for VESPI rails.

The reusable sleeve houses four Z-BINERs's in die-cut slots, for compact stowage. Easily keeping connectors on hand for on-the-go deployment.



Fallout resistance. Use a single Z-Biner to attach an anti-fallout loop to VESPI rails, for quick hanging and organization.

Fully secure attachment. Use 4 Z-Biners for semi-permanent internal or external deployment.

Anti-theft resistance. Attach to external VESPI rails. Then click in adjacent zipper pulls.

Reusable Storage Sleeve. Keep Z-Biners on hand in a lightweight, organized sleeve.


Small but mighty.

ISHO-X5 Dimensions
Weight 2.35 g (0.08 oz)
Material 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish Anodized Black


The MPAC System

Z-BINER is the first Connect product in the MPAC system. Enabling complete interoperability for Main, Polyform, and Augment category packs. A system made to adapt to any type of life or event.


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