Dual axis VESPI rails. Flat pack design. Deploy for internal organization or 4.6L of external expansion.
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Trusty little sidekick.

UBICUBE-S gives you packing superpowers. Adding internal organization and external expansion to LEV-24. With 4.6L of volume. Dual-axis VESPI rails. A flat pack design. And easy load identification.

Four perfect colors. Build an organization set in your favorite colorway. Or, mix and match for faster load identification.


Perfectly proportioned.

UBICUBE-S maximizes possibility with thoughtful dimensions and connection interfaces. Hang it horizonally or vertically. Inside, or out. Combining for countless customized layouts. Or up to 9L of external expansion.

One up. Use one Z-Biner to float UBICUBE-S at the top of a VESPI rail.

Two up. Use four Z-Biners to float two UBICUBE-S on three VESPI rails, for additional storage.

Three up. Thoughtful dimensions allow up to three UBICUBE-S to deploy internally on LEV-24.

Packed up. The flat-pack design allows for easy stowage of UBICUBE, in a sleeve or pocket.


Ubi you.

Whatever you're into, UBICUBES load it out with uncommon versatility. Retaining shape and form for small loads and odd objects. Minimizing stretch and bloat when compressing large loads. Thanks to a lightweight structure, stiff piping, ripstop nylon, and a UHMWPE reinforced lining. Effective organizers for much more than just clothes.


Packing done better.

Transparent window for easy load identification

Two-axis VESPI rails

Anti-fallout loop

Lay flat packability

High visibility lining

Top grab handle


Compact form.
High capacity.

Volume 4.6L
Weight 122 g (4.3 oz)
Included in box: 1 x UBICUBE-S
UBICUBE-S Dimensions


High performance.
Outside, and in.

Our material choices prioritize performance and lightness, even where you can't see it. From a high tenacity, 100% recycled Nylon 6,6 exterior, with a weatherproof carbonate coating. To a diamond ripstop Nylon reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a high abrasion resistance material with a tensile strength 10x higher than steel. To durable YKK zippers and aluminum hardware.

RNRS 210

100% pre-consumer recycled Nylon 6. Ripstop weave. Durable water resistant (DWR) finish. High abrasion resistance, water resistance, and durability.

UPND 200

UHMWPE reinforced, ripstop nylon with a diamond weave. High abrasion resistance, tear strength, and light weight. DWR coated for water resistance.

UPND 200

The added expense of UHMWPE fibers makes internal usage of these fabrics an uncommon choice. Adding structure, unparalleled internal durability, and weight savings.


The MPAC System

UBICUBE-S is part of the first collection of Augment category products in the MPAC system. Designed to add utility and organization when needed. For internal or external deployment on Main category packs. A system made to adapt to any type of life or event.


Just don't take our word for it.

At it's core, CUBO is built around change. Everyday equipment designed to help you thrive. We've been amazed to see how much our testers shared our vision of lightweight adaptability, and where it took them. We hope you will too!